Two Willows at the International Conference on Sustainable Cities

Last week we were at the Fordham-NYU-Columbia International Conference on Sustainable Cities, where Lisa presented on green parking in the sustainable urban landscape. Our very well-attended panel on “Market Innovations” included presentations on passive affordable housing at New York City’s Knickerbocker Commons and the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s revitalization of urban manufacturing.

Lisa’s focused her talk on strategies for incorporating green roofs, walls and living landscapes into parking structures today, while planning future uses for the real estate when fewer cars demand less parking. The highlight was Portland International Airport, where we’ve been assessing the site’s Parksmart-readiness. Check out this photo of green space surrounding a lovely patio on the garage rooftop.

With a thematic focus on social and environmental sustainability in the built environment, the conference underscored the power of collaborative efforts to craft the future livable – for everyone – city.